Update on The Slums Collab release / New Lock Legion holiday.

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Update on The Slums Collab release / New Lock Legion holiday.

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Greetings Lock Legion!

I figured many of you may be wondering what's going on with the release of the Slums collab. If you are not using the Discord (the chat icon right up top) you absolutely should. This is where most of our conversation is happening.

In regards to the collab, things are going extremely well. We already have many parts from a lot of already great and upcoming creators, not to mention the music that some of our creators have made for those parts (and the collab itself).

When we initially set the date of August 13th, for the end of submissions it was always considered to be a soft date. Everybody has other things going on in their life which are infinitely more important than a silly cartoon/movie on the internet, so it was always expected that more time would be given.

If you are still working on a part, or you want to contribute a part of your own there is still plenty of time to do so.

The new date for submissions is: sept. 10 2020

The tentative release of the collab will be: sept 17 2020 and this will be henceforth known as Revival Day.

Should the Lock Legion start to slow down again, or die out, this will be the official Lock Legion holiday, that we mark on our calendars, where we can all stop by and say hi to one another.

Thank you all!

<3 Samegame

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