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21st annual LOCK DAY!

I want to thank everyone who has been active in the past year, especially the 3 who created something to celebrate Lock Day 2024!

Discover our best work!

The Slums Collab

May 26th 2023 was our 20th annual LOCK DAY!

Many members posted flash on Newgrounds, and it only took us 9 months to find them all!

Lock Day 2022 Submissions

Lock Day 2021 Submissions

Lock Day 2020 Submissions

Flash Fondler
Lock Day 2020
Lockday Tonight

ThatOneLocks Lock Day

Lock Legion Classics


18 + 1 Years of Lock Legion

Looks like the Lock Legion simply refuses to die!

Even though we hear less and less of Discord’s beeps, and the #drug-talk channel remains empty, doctors are still seeing a slow and steady wave on our ECG, and we are not yet clinically dead!

I hope everybody has a nice 2022 and see you again next year!