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Welcome Locks!

2020 has been crazy so far, right?! This craziness has brought some of us back together, at least for quarantine… but hopefully we’ll all stay in touch.

Trash has been kind enough to host this website for the LL to mingle, and I’m working on just getting these forums set up, and on cleaning up the discord.

We have a few new members that seemed to trickle in from Lockday 2020: The Lockdown. Yes, that’s right we had Lock Day this year!

Trash made this excellent game called Flash Fondler that everyone should check out.

MP3 rerecorded the music for the Save Tonight collab which was a victim of the copyright purge and released Lockday Tonight.

I made a couple quick movies and Winchester came back and made one as well.

Anyways, thanks for stopping by and godspeed you sonuvabitch.