What bands yall listen 2

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What bands yall listen 2

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Re: What bands yall listen 2

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I got on the Spotify bandwagon really late, like within the last year. I was in a rut listening to mp3s I had bought 5-10 years before. It's been nice for exposing me to new-to-me music, but I have a much harder time remembering who/what I've been listening to. Plenty of times a song pops into my head but then I have to flip through my Liked Songs playlist to track down what it is..

All that to say, old standbys include:
Zero 7

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Re: What bands yall listen 2

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The following bands I have spend at least a thousand hours listening to each

Matthew Good
Nine Inch Nails
Pink Floyd

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Re: What bands yall listen 2

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In no particular order:
Iron Maiden
Black Sabbath
Beast in Black
Led Zeppelin

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Re: What bands yall listen 2

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According to Spotify my top 40 are:

Grateful Dead
Frank Zappa
Warren Zevon
Pink Floyd
Jerry Garcia
The Beatles
Blink 182
Led Zeppelin
The Doors
John Lennon
Billy Strings
Metallica (??)
Van Morrison
Black Sabbath
Flatbush Zombies
Savoy Brown
Pearl Jam
Steely Dan
Fall Out Boy
The Matches
Neil Young
The Disco Biscuits
The Lonely Island
David Bowie
Good Charlotte
The Prodigy
Glass Animals
Jimi Hendrix

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Re: What bands yall listen 2

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I've known the bands for all my life so i'mma list out 20 because i think of listing genre of Rock n' Electronic so yeah.
1. The Prodigy
2. The Chemical Brothers
3. Fatboy Slim
4. Linkin Park
5. Maroon 5
6. Foo Fighters
7. Twenty One Pilots
8. System of a Down
9. Gorillaz
10. Daft Punk
11. Fall Out Boy
12. Awolnation
13. Junkie XL
14. Julien-K
15. Red Hot Chili Peppers
16. Smash Mouth
17. Big Reel Fish
18. Crush 40
19. Sum 41
20. God Module
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Re: What bands yall listen 2

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I listen to too much music to list all the bands, but here's a selection of a few of them:

Industrial Metal:
Rammstein (German classic industrial metal, the ones who started it all and still going strong)
Turmion Kätilöt (Finnish "New age" industrial metal with tones of synth, power, melodic...)
Lord of the Lost (Industrial gothic metal with influences of Nu metal)
Deathstars (Industrial gothic metal)
Raubtier (Swedish industrial metal band with influences from Rammstein, and in power metal)

Power Metal:
Stratovarius (Early innovators of power metal)
Sabaton (One of my favourite bands of all times - makes themed albums and often songs about history)
Powerwolf (Amazing flow in their songs; got lots of songs with religious or folklore themes)
Amaranthe (Power metal fused with melodic metal, like a more pop version of Nightwish meets Evanescence)
Blind Guardian (Old school power metal with progressive influences, makes great story-driven songs)
Hammerfall (Light power metal, very catchy and great choruses)
Edguy (Similar to Hammerfall; very nice flow and melody)
Helloween (Very melodic; has a more power metal sound of Dio)
Freedom Call (Symphonic and "Epic" tones)
Glory Hammer (Very silly lyrics, but amazing flow and instrumentals)
Machinae Supremacy (Power meets alternative meets chip/synth)
Van Canto (an a cappella metal group - actually sounds great!)
Beast in Black (Among the best flow out there and singers)

Folk Metal:
Ensiferum (Finnish band, viking style)
Korpiiklaani (Finnish band, takes themselves light and makes fun songs)
Turisas (Heavy folk metal, makes great battle themed songs)
Russkaja (Russian band with a ska/punk influenced sound)
Alestorm (Pirate metal!)

Melodic Death Metal:
In Flames (Gothenburg metal; really unique sound. Older songs of their lean more to death metal while new ones are more melodic)
Soilwork (Gothenburg metal; basically a melodic death metal version of five finger death punch)
Scar Symmetry (Light melodic death metal with a fast flow)
Amon Amarth (Viking metal, has some really great emotion in their songs)

Nu Metal:
System of a Down (One of my favourite bands of all time, has a great and unique sound)
Serj Tankian (One of the singers from SOAD's solo work. Has more serious lyrics and themes than SOAD)
Slipknot (Has a very heavy sound akin to melodic death metal; has produced great albums and songs through many years)
Hollywood Undead (Nu metal meets Rap and Rock; very cool and unique sound)
Linkin Park (Everyone here has probably heard of them; mixes rap, rock, nu metal and alternative)
Skillet (Very light sound, fast and great melodic flow)

Other Metal:
Five Finger Death Punch (Amazing heavy metal band with a trash-metal sound; has very different sounds throughout their songs - some very light and melodic while others are hard death metal)
Disturbed (Heavy metal, usually has very nice refrains)
Nightwish (Opera/Orchestral gothic metal - Legendary)
Within Temptation (Symphonic and gothic metal, lands somewhere in between Nightwish and Amaranthe)

Katatonia (Alternative rock with a slow and melodramatic sound)
Royal Republic (Hard rock with a fast sound; very catchy)
Kent (Sings in Swedish, very melodramatic vocals)
Mono Inc (Dark rock, uses up to 4 singers with different styles - symphonic/gothic)
Ghost (Hard rock/metal, often uses a religious/satanic theme. Songs are often hit-or-miss; but they have some of my favourite songs)
The Offspring (Punk rock; classics!)

NF (Has great orchestral instrumentals, serious lyrics, awesome flow and timing - Think Tech n9ne meets Eminem)
Tech n9ne (Raps fast with a really good vocabulary)
Dub FX (Uses a looper with beatboxing, then sings/raps with it)
Billy the Fridge (Cool rap with "attitude")

Dunderpatrullen (Bitpop+Chiptune; sounds like old school video game music in a modern setting)
Bossfight (Same description as Dunderpatrullen above; just more melodic and catchy)
Monstercat (Not a band but a distributer on youtube; has lots of nice songs from various artists)
Slagsmålsklubben (Very smooth and tuned-down bitpop)

Misc. Genres:
Ebba Grön/Imperiet (Swedish punk bands from the 70s-80s)
Bloodhound Gang (Catchy, yet with melodramatic vocals, rock/punk/rap)
Pendulum (EDM; has lots of different genres and sounds in different songs - everything from drum and bass to rock)
Infected Mushroom (Psychedelic rock with electronic sounds; mixes lots of genres and makes it work really well. Has amazing consistency in quality)

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Re: What bands yall listen 2

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I usually listen to a good mix of everything, but I find myself leaning towards vintage music, cuz i'm a weirdo. Usually the Ren and Stimpy Production music.

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Re: What bands yall listen 2

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Rated E for Enorphshenschtein

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Re: What bands yall listen 2

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These are my top artists of 2023 Image
And these are my top artists since 2019 Image

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