Lock Day 2023 - The Lock Legion turns 20!

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Lock Day 2023 - The Lock Legion turns 20!

Post by TrashLock »

I am flabbergasted as I write these lines: the Lock Legion is turning 20 years old this May 26th!

The original plan was to make a collab, but since so many people wanted to participate, we could not come to an agreement!

So fuck the collab, let's just have a fun Lock Day!

That will be the collab: Everyone makes their own thing, whatever they want. If you wanna do a short, or music video, or whatever, do it!

I think this vast amount of varied content is what this Lock Day needs to be special, just a big, hearty love letter to the Legion.

Of course, we would need some rules for this years Lock Day, so here it is:

1)You must publish it on Lock Day (May 26th) with the tag "LockDay2023" included.
2) You must post here or DM @BEANS#6168 on Discord and say if you are participating or not.
3) If you are to use copyrighted music, then you must use a cover, and not the official song. Please link the cover that you use in the description and make it clear that it is not the official song so the NG staff don't take it down. Otherwise, please grab copyright free audio.
4) No nudity references, because there are minors here, and so we can publish your submission on the YouTube channel.
5)Make sure your NG title has LL in the beginning so people know it's a Lock Legion short. (EX: LL - Tuberculosis)
6) I understand that there are some people here that are in support of AI, and I am aware that I can be a bit biased when it comes to AI art and stuff like that. So I will allow AI art in the creative process, BUT YOU CANNOT LET IT OVERTAKE THE CREATIVE PROCESS. All work must come from you, but if you really want to, you can have AI support you if you really want to.
7) You can make as many submissions as you want!! Just make sure that they aren't spam or anything
8) You must put locklegion.com at the start, end or in the description of your submission

And that's it!! Aside from that, go nuts. Do whatever you want, and have fun! I look forward to seeing everyone's submissions!

- Beans & Trash

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