Campus Orientation

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Campus Orientation

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Creating Classes
Interested in sharing your knowledge and skills?
Create a topic in this sub-forum if you want to offer a class or just to gauge interest if you're not sure.
You should use the thread to lay out the rough concepts that you'll be offering to teach and whether you'll be doing more of a Webinar style lecture only or getting hands-on with student questions and problems.

For the really ambitious, I can look into a way of providing acknowledgement if you wish to grade your students' work, be it certificates, custom forum awards or whatever combination is available.

It's worth making decisions about which platforms you want to stream to at this stage, Twitch, Discord, Youtube, Mixer or any other platform is viable.
We would ask that you record it, however, so that we can mirror it on the other official LL channels.
This keeps the information available for people in other time zones or time-restrictions that may have missed out on the stream and Q&A.

If you're wanting to limit the number of students that you'll interact with directly, you should probably put the slots in the topic too.

Teaching Classes
Once you've got your students, time and location sorted, it's time to teach your stuff!

Drawing from my own experience of radio and game streaming, give yourself approximately half an hour to an hour beforehand to work out any technical hiccups.
You're likely to run into a few for the first few classes.

If you have any platform or streaming and recording questions, PM me here on the forums and I'll build up an "IT Dept." topic here with your queries and solutions.

Class Dismissed
Congrats, you've taught your first class!
Upload the recording, tag yourself and the LP scraper should assign your points and update it as the views and ratings continue.
The scraper will assign points independently per platform, so the wider your reach, the more will accumulate.

Now is the moment to get feedback from your students, what went well, what could have been explained better?
This feedback will help you communicate better both in and out of the classroom, you might also consider it essential if you want to give another class later.

Want to redo and update your old lectures or teach a new class?

Build on the feedback you received, this will ensure that your knowledge is being passed on more accurately without being lost in translation between your mind and your students' ears.

End of Orientation
I look forward to you not only showing off your talent, but sharing your knowledge, raising the bar and skill level of the Legion as a whole.
Over to you, Lock Legion Professors!
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