Hey germs!

Introduce yourself here. If you do it elsewhere, you'll be banned.
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Hey germs!

Post by Slime »

I am Slime
Slime I am
I am new here
Thats pretty much it

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Re: Hey germs!

Post by NightLock »

Hi Slime. I am night. Not vengeance. Nor batman. just a spoiled calamri wearing a terrible masked flour bag with delightful buttons.

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Re: Hey germs!

Post by TrashLock »

Hey slime, nice to see you on the discord voice chat! Enjoy your stay on the forums

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Re: Hey germs!

Post by Samegame »

Hi Slime, I am Samegame. Can your lock change shapes?

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Re: Hey germs!

Post by NukaLock »

hello slime. i've seen some of your LL work on twitter. it's great.
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