Please talk to me

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Please talk to me

Post by LazyPix3l »

I often come here during school, and nobody is online, so it is very lonely. I can't hop on discord to go on my phone, so I need yall to talk to me to prevent me from learning. I'm usually on 9:00 AM to 2:30 PM (PDT Time), and then im able to talk on the discord. I NEED YALL TO HELP ME NOT DIE FROM FUN DEPRIVATION PLEEEAASSSEEE

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Re: Please talk to me

Post by BB10 »

whats up, mate?
i hope that you are well...

do you make art and movies?
let me know whats new with you

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Re: Please talk to me

Post by zimlock »

hello m8
go to my god awful website that i made in 5 seconds using google sites :mrgreen:

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