So you wanna make animations in the 2020s...

Suggest stuff?
PS: The movies on the front page will not be changed so stop suggesting that.
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Re: So you wanna make animations in the 2020s...

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If anyone is trying to move away from flash, Blender's 2d animation looks promissing. I still need to play with it more

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Re: So you wanna make animations in the 2020s...

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I have 1 idea. Bring the LL to places where it isn't as popular BUT still remain on ng.
These can be seen through what webseries like Eddsworld and Homestuck are doing, where they are on multiple places on the internet BUT are still active where they first were.

this may not be the best idea but it's just an idea.

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Re: So you wanna make animations in the 2020s...

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Samegame wrote:
Sat Jun 20, 2020 5:39 am
What sites do you guys feel are essential to posting / streaming your work besides Newgrounds and Youtube?

I feel like if we are going to stick around this time as a community we probably should be places where we can attract members who would help us grow and that they would grow with us as well.

Part of what always attracted to me about a community of fellow artists is it always helped me strive to do better. I would always see the great stuff other people were posting and it really helped me learn.
Maybe to the Lock Legion site itself?
That way we could have more freedom to post stuff that would normally not be allowed on Youtube and Newgrounds. And i'm not talking about porn. (Mainly stuff with copyrighted music in it. If we did collabs like that, then we could post it on the site and not get bullshit from youtube or newgrounds.) I don't know, I just think that's the best option rn.

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