What bands yall listen 2

This is where we talk about how great Phish is!
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What bands yall listen 2

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Re: What bands yall listen 2

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I got on the Spotify bandwagon really late, like within the last year. I was in a rut listening to mp3s I had bought 5-10 years before. It's been nice for exposing me to new-to-me music, but I have a much harder time remembering who/what I've been listening to. Plenty of times a song pops into my head but then I have to flip through my Liked Songs playlist to track down what it is..

All that to say, old standbys include:
Zero 7

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Re: What bands yall listen 2

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The following bands I have spend at least a thousand hours listening to each

Matthew Good
Nine Inch Nails
Pink Floyd

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