Your oldest animation

Let's stop calling it Flash, please.
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Your oldest animation

Post by SkorLock »

I just got the SWFs to download from my old Photobucket and was happy to see my first two animations were still saved.

Does anyone else have some of their oldest animations to share?

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Re: Your oldest animation

Post by CloudLock »

Kinda ironic that I would eventually end up working for Weebl.

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Re: Your oldest animation

Post by Wooper »

i never made more than 3 flash movies

first one is lost, i think it was some doodley stuff with no movement at all
2nd one was just a mess, i dont know what i was thinking, i think i ran out of time for the bi-weekly
3rd one i really tried my best to win the bi-weekly. those spelling errors are hilarious, pretty sure they were unintentional :lol: :lol:

yes i was still a child and a bad loser. did not want to make flash after that

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Re: Your oldest animation

Post by NightLock »

I think maybe someone has it, but I remember my first was a commercial about nightpops for toad's episode that never was submitted to newgrounds/completed. I kinda lost it in shuffle. And don't remember where I left my old hard drive.

Edit: eh this is close enough. The 2nd link mentions the commercial All of them were my first that year.

2nd movie

3rd movie
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Re: Your oldest animation

Post by TrashLock »

This is probably the oldest surviving Flash that I've made:

As you can guess I was way into Fast & Furious at the time. All cars were traced by hand, except at the end where I found some 3D models and started using Bryce. It had a sweet export to SWF feature that worked quite well for the time.

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Re: Your oldest animation

Post by Mp3 Lock »

I basically made this on the day I installed flash, after figuring out how to tween.

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Re: Your oldest animation

Post by SwitchLock »

I don't think this is the very very very first animation I've made. The first one's probably on an old broken hard-drive. But the first animation that I've ever "posted" online is here:

I really loved Alan Becker's animations so I tried to "replicate" it. Also yes, I bought a domain just for that stupid animation.
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