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The Greatest Title in the World

Posted: Tue Jun 07, 2022 11:31 pm
by XIdiot
If anyone got the reference in the title, be my friend.

Hi there. I'm XIdiot, or alternatively (because of this community (because of how it works (because of fun))) "Radio Lock." I just like Radios, that's all.

I'm an artist that thrives best in music, though I'm an author, and a vector artist. I can't really do traditional anymore. I'm also technically a game dev, but I actually make Interactive Fiction. My favourite subject to talk about is 80s-00s rock bands. My favourite is the Offspring in case you ask.

While I can't animate, I can do comics. Don't feel shy to send me a message or anything, I need friends anyway. Okay I already have like 5 but chat with me anyway.